Is downloading torrent files allowed?

Bittorrent and generally P2P are allowed in our network but if we receive a valid court order then we will comply with that.

For more information, please read  7 Reasons You Should Use Betternet blog! 

“The 5th paragraph" relates to our policies regarding DMCA notifications.


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    Alex Calviera

    Hypothetically, in the event that you do receive a cease and desist letter from an ISP or some other agencies what is your standard protocol on executing the "order" and how will it affect the Betternet user?

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    Alex Calviera

    Furthermore, what personal information, including, but not limited to, digital info/ digital signature info/data regarding the specified user will you release to the party/ies that sent the letter/"order" to Betternet? Thank you for your time.

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    If we ever receive a DMCA takedown notice or valid court orders, we fully comply with the notices without disrupting or jeopardizing any clients privacy. Note that we don’t save any logs, IPs, ports, user information or timestamps. Hence, in order to satisfy legal requirements from bandwidth providers we do not disclose any user data to the authorities. So far we have not received any valid court order that has required us to provide something we do not have.
    In case we receive any legal complain, we may provide access to server for further investigation to the court but once again I'm going to mention that we have not faced such this problem so far.

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    Asa Zosel

    hook me up

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    Charles Beach

    When I use p2p in Win7 or Win10 with Betternet, my internet access is limited to restricted. Sometimes I can correct by stopping and restarting Betternet. The nordVPN faq indicates only certain servers allow p2p and internet access is dropped if not using these servers. Is this the case with Betternet?

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    Danny bhatia

    Will it hide my opinion and allow me download it anonymly

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